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Furnishings we choose to decorate the space we live in make a difference between a building, a house and a home - the place where you feel most comfortable. Solid wood furniture seems to be the most elegant decoration of a home, creating an exclusive ambiance and a particular comfort. The environment we live in and its furnishings define our character and our life style, the furniture being an extension of human personality.


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The type of timber used is extremely important for the durability of furniture. We really like quality things, which preserve their brightness, refinement and elegance in time. Wishing to respect all these aspects, solid wood is the best option to manufacture our products. A warm and welcoming space is exactly what one needs after a long day’s work and solid wood furniture provides this warmth and gives charm to any space. It does not only preserve its qualities, but the passage of time does not render it outdated, on the contrary, it enhances its value.

In the Apuseni Mountains, the fir trees, pines and spruces, trees which stay alive throughout the years, seem to dominate the entire area… This is the kingdom of the conifers… The resinous wood has been serving the householders living in the heart of these mountains for hundreds of years. The large recipients for fermenting the mash for home made brandy, the pails and other household items prove that working with resinous wood has been a tradition in this area. Traditional elements can be found in the construction and design of furniture.




We always choose constructive solutions, showing that the furniture was handcrafted, using as much as possible the handicraft of the “craftsman”. The solutions chosen to manufacture this type of furniture follow the tradition, by executing, for example, the tongue and groove joint or the dovetail joint. Given that tradition is an important variable for us, in the design of the furniture we embrace certain traditional forms, contours, decorations and motives, inherited from time immemorial in the popular tradition of our country or of the countries where our products reach the markets..




In what concerns furniture finishing, there are various technologies for imitating “the old”, starting with the preparation of surfaces - imitating insect holes, brushing to eliminate the soft wood on the timber surface, man-made rendition of wearing effects etc -, until the proper finishing, which renders furniture vintage with an attractive appearance. This type of finishing ensures the resistance of furniture over several generations. Moreover, it covers the space in warmth, silence and a sense of security. Following the traditional line, the finishing may be harmonious matching the colours of certain reference points within the home.

In terms of finishing, the “Ceruse” finishing style, which entails a decorative technique which highlights the wood fibre, is becoming increasingly popular. Thus, manual finishes, in antique fashion, render our products unique and make them extremely appealing..




The successful combination of our craftsmen’s handicraft with modern wood processing technologies resulted in a rich line of solid wood furniture, which keeps the tradition alive and meets the needs of those who love everything natural, who think back with melancholy to their grandparents’ home, where they were always welcomed with warmth and love. In making the furniture we followed in the footsteps of tradition in order to offer customers an ambience where they can say from the bottom of their hearts “there’s no place like home”.


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